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Outlast® Aerocool™ Deep Sleep Cooling Comforter

Outlast® Aerocool™ Deep Sleep Cooling Comforter

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  • Everlasting Cooling Effect
  • Proactive Temperature Regulation
  • Utra-Soft, Skin Friendly

Features & Benefits

  • Outlast® Temperature-regulating Technology
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified
  • FDA Listed
  • AerocoolCooling Effect
  • Utra-Soft, Skin Friendly
  • Machine Washable
  • Pet Friendly

What is Outlast®?

The Outlast® thermo-technology was originally developed by NASA for a material suited to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Outlast® material can absorb, store and release energy in the form of latent heat. Excess heat generated by the body is absorbed into the material, and stored heat is released back to the body as needed.

The cooling comforter with Outlast® material keeps the sleeping temperature lower than your body temperature while higher than the ambient room temperature. Otherwise known as pure comfort.

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Sleep Cooler, Sleep Deeper

Gift the perfect slumber with the Outlast® temperature-regulating filling, designed to maintain the ideal warmth throughout the night.

Experience instant soothing coolness with the Q-MAX>0.4 fabric that gently caresses you into restful sleep.

Experice the Extra Soft like the Cloud

In Dream Valley®, the cooling comforter is incredibly soft, with a softness data of 16, surpassing traditional fabrics like Knitted and Woven at 75~76. Feel the difference as our gentle coolness embraces you, offering unmatched comfort.

Outlast® Phase Change Materials

Outlast® Phase Change Materials (PCM) store excess body heat as your temperature rises and release the stored heat when you cool down, reduce sweating by up to 48%*, making this cooling comforter ideal for those suffering with night sweats.

Technology & Quality Certification

NASA-grade Technolody
FDA Listed

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Cooler than my other blankets.

I got this blanket to help my wife with heat flashes and sweating at night. It definitely is colder than our other blankets. It does warm up and get the temperature of your body, but when you move to new fabric that wasn’t touching you previously it is cool and cools quickly. The blanket is soft and stretchy. So far it has made a difference, our cats wont lay on it because it is too cool for them.

Rachel M.
Best Sleep

The Dream Valley Cooling Comforter has been a game changer for my sleep! It keeps me cool all night, and the quality is outstanding. Highly recommend

Maxime L.
Effortless Comfort!

I am thoroughly impressed with the Dream Valley Cooling Comforter. Its impeccable craftsmanship and lightweight design ensure a blissful night's sleep, no matter the season.

Sophie L.
Simply Divine!

The Dream Valley Cooling Comforter is a revelation! It effortlessly combines elegance with functionality. Sleeping under it feels like a luxurious escape to a serene oasis.

Elena G.
Elegant and Effective!

I adore my Dream Valley Cooling Comforter! Its elegant design complements my bedroom perfectly, while its cooling properties ensure I sleep like royalty every night. Simply delightful!